Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in English in Łódź

Psychotherapy is a method of treatment that works through psychological means (conversation, non-verbal behaviour, reflection on emotions, developing the therapeutic relationship) in order to reduce patient’s difficulties and, if possible, remove the source of these difficulties.

The psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy derives from classical and modern psychoanalysis which states that human functioning is based upon the interaction of unconscious drives and forces within the person and is shaped by the experience of care (usually received from parents) in the early childhood. Psychodynamic psychology reflects on these unconscious forces within the individuals in order to make sense of their relationships, experiences and how they see the world.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy proves to be highly successful in the areas of change regarding the self-experience and the experience of others and the outer world. It facilitates development of stable way of dealing with e.g. prolonged sadness, depression, anxiety, physical symptoms without physical basis, persistent feelings of isolation and loneliness, sexual difficulties. It helps to build up more realistic self-esteem which enables individual to feel more adequately about oneself and the others, and thus to establish lasting and satisfying relationships. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is less efficient when it is concerned with individual’s behavioural habits therefore we do not offer help with e.g. quitting smoking.

Every psychotherapeutic process is preceded by 1-3 initial sessions. At this stage, we focus on the current situation of an individual, his or her difficulties and their links with the past. Together we endeavour to identify repeating patterns in the individual’s life and discuss the aims of the therapeutic work. When we agree to work together, the following sessions usually take place once or twice a week. Each session lasts 50 minutes, it starts and ends precisely on the agreed time.

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